Eric Cicci
Personal Trainer

USAW Certified

Eric Cicci

A few points about my weightlifting career:
-Started as a couch potato playing video games all day
-Saw the 2012 Olympics and couldnt get it out of my head, was watching weightlifting videos all day everyday
-Decided I had to try it and have been lifting non-stop for 3 years this Oct 2015
-Started as an 85kg-94kg, but dropped to the 77kg class where I've had my best lifts
-Went to Regionals in St.Louis where I competed on the same stage as the greats (Travis Cooper, James Tatum, Leo Hernandez)
-Totaled 234kg at 76.81kg bw with a 106kg snatch and a 126kg clean & jerk placing in 7th out of 17 competitors from all over the USA
-Qualified as a 77kg lifter for the American Open in Reno, NV this December. Trying to qualify as a 85kg lifter this Oct 10th
-Best competition lifts are 110kg snatch 130kg clean & jerk as a 77kg
-Best lifts in practice are 112kg snatch and 135 kg clean and jerk